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 On an idyllic retreat to a mountain cabin, Enola Ranson accidentally breaks a lamp and discovers a covert listening device. Persuaded by her horror writer husband, Guy, who is intrigued by the analog transmitter, they set out to solve the mystery. 

Strange wiring inside the cabin, hidden recordings, a mafia past, a shady private detective, a boy witness, and an eerie modulation noise are all clues to past murders. Time is running short as an escaped lunatic is on the loose, finishing what they started and stopping anyone who knows. 

Will Enola and Guy uncover the secrets of the past, or will they become the next victims?

If you hear the sound, it is too late. 


A New Giallo
Available Now in digital and print

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Punk is more than music and angst culture––it is a feeling that one is different. A punk does not need a shaved head, torn clothes, spikes, or chains, for the mark is on the inside. Punk is outside the normal. Punk is a winding road through the dark spaces and chaos over a landscape filled with violence and insanity juxtaposed with peaks of sublime ecstasy. Punk is a screw off to the world. Punk is rebellion without a cause. Punk is anarchy. And this is Punk Fiction

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