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March 13, 2020

Strange dystopian thoughts creep into my conscious as I walk down the city street. People stay a little back from each other—hands in pockets. No one hits the button to cross the intersection at the circle. The church looms ahead. The structure, all brick with heaven reaching spires, crosses time from 1874 until the urban n...

February 29, 2020

Tenacity is the key to the submission process. The publishing world is fairly small and is slowly being eaten away by changes in commerce and technology. Even with the advent of e-books, real books prevail to some extent. Traction is hard to come by in self-publishing. One of the problems I have faced is my books in print w...

October 13, 2019

I had lost my way for a while, not realizing it as it was happening. I think the only life I allowed myself was through writing. I am not saying I did not live just not to the fullest while I hunkered down and wrote Rebel’s Edge. All three manuscripts were completed as I travelled for work. The chaos of modern life was forg...

August 13, 2019

In 1998, I was visiting San Francisco and exploring the Castro District. It was gentrifying some at that time, but the neighborhood still held its gay charm. I have always been drawn to the dark side of things and in the shadows of the enclave of the BART train station I found an angry piece of graffiti. Spray-painted on th...

February 13, 2019

I am coming to the end of the first wave of my writing. Fifteen years ago I started with screenplays, first for a short film, Spike. The finished project did not have the budget for the shadow people and was definitely on the fly. I wanted to follow it up with a Warhol style short that is now lost to time. I kept writing an...

December 13, 2018

I have always had a love for film. In my youth, I almost directed a primitive version of my short story, The Deadfall. I had plans in 1989. I was going to rent a camcorder and do it myself, in the line of the direct to video films of the time like Truth or Dare, Blood Cult, The Ripper (with Tom Savini), and Boarding House....

November 13, 2018

Nostalgia entices with echoes of the past. Human nature has me always trying to recreate a lost feeling, mostly subconsciously. Traveling to a place, Santa Cruz, I have been before to find it changed by progress, going to a concert of a once epic band, Depeche Mode, to hear a cracked voice of an aging star, or seeing a new...

October 13, 2017

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Shortly after the equinox, it truly began in the town of Naperville, Illinois. I felt it with the moon rising as I waited in line for an event on the campus of North Central College. Only a little warm outside, yet the falling leaves and wind brought a welcome psychological chill. The...

September 13, 2017

The Evolution of a Story 

On the streets there are sharks and dolphins. The sharks are street punks of different sorts, dangerous and aggressive in form. The dolphins are runaways who play in the street surf — carefree and unaware that sometimes sharks eat dolphins. 

So begins the story of Escape from Dolphin Street...

August 13, 2017

Writing is important to me — a form of catharsis — an outlet to my strange imagination. Taking back control of my work under my own imprint, DS, I have tried certain things and have learned some lessons. First, I feel it is important to start off small which is why I have chosen to be exclusively at Amazon for now. When I w...

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