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On the streets, love exists between light and darkness.

Shades chronicles a day in the life of Montrose hustlers. Brandon is in love with an older working boy, Gray.


Trading the comforts of home for the streets, he only wants to be by Gray's side, no matter the consequences.


Haunted by a violent past, Gray lives only to forget.


Together, they are lost in the moment where there is no right or wrong ,only the shades in between in this lost film. 

Shades 2010 film poster
Shadows 2010 film poster

Shadows follows the surreal waking dream of a lost punk. Spike comes to in a cemetery haunted by shadow people, only wanting to find his pal, Tracer. A search through the underworld leads him to seedy motels, abandoned structures, dangerous alleys, dark woods, and ultimately, to the other side. 

Spike is the original version of Shadows. Shot in 2004 from an original screenplay, it is my directorial debut.  

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