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The Trouble with Furries

Daniel is young, confident, and fascinated by the wolf, feeling that the animal is a reflection of himself. After losing his mate, he craves a new Alpha and finds Patrick, a handsome bartender, who gets him a job at Club Trade. There, his curiosity is peaked when he meets a sly blond, Chad, wearing a red foxtail. A pack is formed by the threesome as Daniel embarks on a journey of self-discovery—one of coming out as a furry. Tracking down a blue wolf fursuit, Daniel has no inhibitions and feels free when wearing it. The hedonistic lifestyle takes its toll as he delves deeper into an underground world where beasts rule. Ultimately, Daniel must decide his true nature—man or the wolf inside.

Furry Writer's Guild
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Wolf statues at Chicago zoo

The Wolf 

The Boy is young—eyes wide with wonder, he is barely able to walk.


Far from the cabin he roams. 

Warm sun and abundant nature enrapt him.

 Sound stops and a stillness creeps in. 

Innocence is all alone—it appears and tentatively steps toward the boy.


The cold blue eyes meet his brown. 

Doggy—the moment breaks with a growl and elation turns to fear. 

Tears streaming—the boy wants to return, but there are more surrounding.


The moment he hesitates the pack descends. 


A blast of gunpowder scatters the threat. 


Wonder if the spirit left him in the moment of embrace—to never know if he belonged with them.


Now he is all alone without the wolf. 


Fragment from Anarchy - Strange Tales of Outsiders

Wolf paw statue Chicago zoo

ANIMA - The unconscious or true inner self of an individual; the soul.  

yellow leaves in fall Chicago

The Trouble with Furries started life as a different project. In 2004, I wrote a screenplay about 1990's nightlife, originally titled Trade, with not a furry in sight. The story was dark and tragic, with a Studio 54 gone-awry vibe. It was part of some early writing that was really rough around the edges.


Why furries, you may ask? Well, in 2006, I met a guy wearing a foxtail in Phoenix. I tried to ask him what it was about, and at first he was reluctant to divulge any details. Curious, I pressed on. After a while, he opened up about the meaning behind the fur, from online meetups and the expense of fur suits to the act of yiffing and the underground. On his Myspace page, he was a horse and proud of it. He told me he wanted to save up for his own suit because the horse was borrowed. And with that suit, he was going to travel to a fur convention in California to be with others like him. I was amazed by the lengths he was willing to go to for his singular desire. I had never met anyone like him—anyone who saw the world so differently. We remained friends during my time in the desert and had lots of interesting conversations. Thanks to him, I discovered a fascinating subculture and knew one day I would have to tell a story about it. 


Merging these seemingly separate things together in 2013, I created the world of The Trouble with Furries. The problems with the story, Trade, were fixed by the now animalistic motivation of the protagonist, Daniel. I wanted the wolf he desired to represent the beast within—the caving into of the desires of the moment. I mean no offense to all the real furries out there, as this is dark, erotic fiction.


The Trouble with Furries was first published in December 2013 gaining me entry into the Furry Writer's Guild

Furry Writer's Guild
The Trouble With Furries 2013 cover

Out of print

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Trouble with Furries 2017 cover

Excerpt from The Trouble with Furries:


Daniel looked into the mirror and liked what he saw: the short hair and angular all-American face as his lean muscles dripped water from the hot shower. The mirror never lied, and that night it told him by reflection that he was hot. Absently, he ran a finger across his smile to feel the teeth below it and stopped at a canine. Playfully, he growled at his image and ran the same hand down his lanky body. He brought his gaze back up to his dark short hair and dark eyes: an animal’s eyes. He wondered if he could have been a wolf in another life and he smiled at the idea of having run naked in the primordial woods. “This time will be different,” he exhaled. He shut out the image of Dean before it overwhelmed him: handsome and blond, dominant and strong, leaving him here all alone for a ship at sea. A cool smile spread across Daniel’s lips. “I will find me a new Alpha.”

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