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The following never-before-published titles will not be part of Punk Fiction and are currently seeking distribution:

Lane Bowden 1973
In the summer of 1973, Lane meets someone who is different, like himself. Together, they are lured into one of the most horrific crimes in the annals of American history.

Lane Bowden 1973 (aka Dark Journey) takes on a true crime backdrop in this coming-of-age horror novel.

 Rebel's Edge Series

Suburbia, Punks, and Over the Edge

Johnny's got a problem, and he is out of control. Released from rehab, the injustice of being locked up and his secret feelings cause static in his head. One summer night in 1985, he meets Gordon for a night of car-hopping and vandalism, and they become fast friends.

Based on true events, the Rebel's Edge series deals with mental health and substance abuse issues from the point of view of a teenager living in the


One day, the world collapsed. A meteor had struck the moon, raining lunar debris. Oceans rose, and fires burned. The decades of World War III ended with devastation and disease spread. Under a fractured police state, resources were mined to the brink for the off-world colonies while deviant technology grew across dangerous lands. Cade and Frost were born into chaos. Punks with no future—they were just looking for a thrill.

Future-Thrill is a wild dystopian, sci-fi, cyberpunk novel set in 2077.

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