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Punk Fiction 
A genre featuring crime, noir, horror, weird menace, dark fantasy, prison, western, sci-fi, and juvenile delinquent tropes through a lens of anarchy.
If you hear the sound, it is too late.

On an idyllic mountain retreat, Enola and Guy discover a hidden device. Intrigued by the analog transmitter, they set out to solve a murder mystery.
Strange wiring, hidden recordings, a mafia past, a boy witness, and an eerie modulation noise are all clues to past murders in this modern giallo. 

Out of Print

Run away to the dark world where street punks rule. 

Jason must choose between his friends and his desire as he is drawn to the dark world of Dolphin Street, a desolate area where the punks go.

There are no rules only a living nightmare leading to an abandoned house and the crawlspace underneath-a horror he may never escape.

Out of Print

Escape Dolphin 2021 ebook
Wild Boys A Peculiar Western_2021
Wild Boys is a punk fiction western set in a time of high adventure, outlaws, and the way of the gun—with a peculiar twist.

Dusty Calhoun is out for revenge after being left for dead and losing all to violence and fire. Vengeance is complicated when he rescues Jake Willowford, a cowboy with a familiar face, and falls for him.

Recklessly, Dusty plans to use Jake to infiltrate the Blakely Gang, or die trying.

Out of Print

David Sharp Punk Ficiton Mars landscape
United States
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