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Submissions are a necessary evil like auditions for films. The feeling that forms in the pit of my stomach, every time I compile the materials and follow the guidelines to submit, is like metallic moths trapped in a jar. Blindly, I submit to the few publishers who accept unrepresented material and to agencies where I try to get a feel of the people from the rogue gallery of photos on websites that are straight forward or flashy in their layouts. All of this is stressful. It is one thing to write in the solo world in my head and quite another to share my work with strangers. Rejection is not a big deal after the first few times. Mostly, they have ideas of what they want to release or what they like. Most unique cult books and films were rejected over and over until someone took a chance. My novel, Lane Bowden 1973, has been submitted to different places for the last six years with no luck, yet. The process has given me the opportunity to learn the craft of the query letter, synopsis and long synopsis over time. There is always hope. Stories have a life of their own and will eventually find a home.

Currently, I have started the submission process for Rebel’s Edge - Suburbia. This book is by far the most personal thing I have written. It is about the crazy punk times that seem like another life, over thirty years later. Time will tell what happens next. Suburbia is the first of three books in a series. The second one, Punks, is done and the third, Over the Edge, is being beta read and will probably have some minor changes. Once I submit, it is the waiting game as a response usually takes about three months. Thank the heavens for multiple submissions being more of a thing now. The freedom to submit in more than one place is great. It feels good to get all the materials together and send off the first submissions. Each agency or publisher has their own rules and way of doing things, which make the tasks interesting and different each time. The key is not to doubt myself, but to keep going.

The last decade has giving me the time to grow as a writer. I am happy with the state of my previous works. The foundation I have built feels solid enough to leave alone and move ahead. Punk Fiction is an interesting niche. I believe the world is ready for something different.


Punk sign in neon at bar in Nashville, TN

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