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Betwixt and Between

Writing is a journey that never ends. I know that some of you are curious as to my next projects. My, based on true events, teenage trilogy, Rebel’s Edge, is complete and I have been in the process of submitting to open publishers and agents. So far I have nine unresolved status’ of seventeen entries. The eight rejections have ranged from the standard form letters and personal encouragement to the humorous of having no interest in the punk generation. I will keep them in flow for as long as it takes. Lane Bowden 1973, my true crime, horror novel is being considered at this moment and I should have an update, one way or another, in the near future. Some of you may be wondering why I don’t forgo the process and self-publish. The reason is, at least for me, that is an option of last resort. My previous works that are currently self-published were in print by a small publisher first. Once that relationship ended, I knew I could only do it myself as reprints are rarely considered. I am happy with my first wave of books, Where the Road Roams (audiobook), Anarchy - Strange Tales of Outsiders, Wild Boys - A Peculiar Western Novel, Escape from Dolphin Street, and The Trouble with Furries, all revamped in rough but fun paperback and digital editions.

Writing is hard work, yet is a lot fun. Once the months go by and a manuscript is complete there is an elation at being done. Although, there is no instant reward to give to a reader as the next process of submission takes more time. The waiting game is really long and can be discouraging. Most places will send a reply in a decent amount of time, some take longer, and others do not care enough to reply at all. The process is subjective and like most art relies on a publisher’s or agent’s personal taste. All I can do is keep moving forward and focus on getting my work out there.

In this limbo over the last month, I have been taking notes and breaking out a structure for a new novel. My first wave of works (Anarchy) is complete, my second wave (Chaos) is ready to be picked up, and the third wave of punk fiction starts now. Without giving much away, I can say that my new novel is dystopian and sci-fi with a punk grittiness. I have a completed outline, character bios, and lots of background stuff to pull the main story along. I have more research to do and some sharpening of my writing before I dive in this fall. I have tentatively titled it, Future-Thrill, and my goal is to make it fast-paced and action packed in a long chase to escape a dying world.

I hope to have progress to report on all fronts as the season turns toward my favorite time of year, Halloween.


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