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Strange Tales of Anarchy

In 2017, I took over all my past projects. The first I released was Anarchy - Strange Tales of Outsiders, on Friday the 13th, in January of that year. The book spans the earliest beginnings of my work, Where the Road Roams (2009), to the more recent, The Carny Cage (2017), and marked the start of my website and other DS releases that followed.

Anarchy is fitting turn on my writing journey. It took me a long time to figure out my genre. My books were hard to peg with horror, western, crime, and romance elements. The one thing they did have in common was a pulp sensibility like the 1950s and 1960s and a punk rock affinity with wrongness. Hence, I coined the term Punk Fiction as an umbrella for my works.

The last ten years has been quite the adventure with lots of changes and growth as a writer. I am proud of my past stories and look forward to sharing new works in the future.

Nearing on the three year anniversary, I have decided to offer Anarchy for under a buck in ebook format on all digital platforms.

Anarchy - Strange Tales of Outsiders—A punk compendium of queer fiction and horror filled with haunting tales of the streets, dark rites, and what lies beyond.

Inside you will find an introduction, and the following tales:

The Carny Cage—a prison story, with Dirk, whose life is like the carnival ride The Zipper, locked up and spinning out of control.

Where the Road Roams—follow Dean on his journey to find his brother and piece together the past in a fragmented and cut-up tale. This was my first novella with Wasteland Press back in 2009. Seperately, I have a current, ten year anniversary, paperback to go along with the Audiobook on ACX, Amazon, and iTunes.

The Deadfall—breaks taboos as a mysterious hitcher takes a ride with a van full of coeds into the wilderness where they descend into terror beyond the limits. The horror short inspired by my first screenplay when I was nineteen.

Death Tarp—witness Daniel who goes beyond death to return as his shroud, a panel of the AIDS quilt, in a supernatural tale of disease and revenge. The screenplay version was a semi-finalist in Horror in the Hills and The Chicago Horror Film Festival this year.

Dark is invoked with a goth youth, Damon, and his companions as he opens the gates of hell with magic. Originally broken into three parts to divide my, out of print, anthology The Dark Lands from Wasteland Press in 2010.

Under the Moonbow—through intense therapy sessions, discover the secret, as Maleki, tattooed with the story of his past, schemes to be free of Ponoko Asylum and the covenant with his captor, Dr. West. This short story was first published in The MCB Quarterly, Volume 3 and began my membership in the Horror Writer’s Association.

All of these stories and more await you inside Anarchy.

Anarchy is available for under a buck, at ninety-nine cents, in ebook format on all digital platforms.


Anarchy - Strange Tales of Outsiders

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