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Wild Boys - Some Peculiar Chapters

The disarray of moving across the country this month has thrown some chaos into my writing routines. Getting used to a new city, unpacking the boxes we brought, and the sights of the capital, have been surreal. There has not been enough time until the day before the thirteenth—my self-imposed deadline—to write a blog. I have decided the best course is to link to another spot on my website where the first few chapters of Wild Boys - A Peculiar Western Novel are free by subscribing to my email list. I do not spam or send out a ton of emails—two a month for my blog output and occasional news of upcoming new releases is all. The chapters give insight into my punk ficiton and a sample of my style.

Wild Boys was first published in 2012 as three novellas and put together as a trilogy in paperback. In 2017, I re-edited them and created a novel in three acts, a peculiar, rough and tumble, western. Here is the description:


Wild Boys is a punk fiction western set in a time of high adventure, outlaws, and the way of the gun—with a peculiar twist.

Dusty Calhoun is out for revenge after being left for dead and losing all to violence and fire. Vengeance is complicated when he rescues Jake Willowford, a cowboy with a familiar face, and falls for him. Recklessly, Dusty plans to use Jake to infiltrate the Blakely Gang, or die trying.

The adventure continues as Jake is separated from Dusty and must find his way with the help of an outlaw, Frank Ward. On the run from One-Eyed Walker and his posse, they endure the dangers and desires of the Wild West. The ride will lead them back home or to the end of a rope.

Consequences are dealt with in a spirit quest in the Badlands. The final ride of the Wild Boys is set into motion by a wayward prostitute, Misty Waters, a randy cowboy, Troy Carter, and a message from a traitor, leading to a climactic shootout where the trail ends.


Check out some of my earlier work with the adventures of Dusty Calhoun and Jake Willowford that are unlike any normal western with hardcore revenge in the vein of Hang ‘Em High and a gay vibe more so than Young Guns. Wild Boys is set in the Old West I remember from spaghetti westerns of my youth and deals in all the tropes of the genre with gunslingers quick on the draw, crazy shootouts, horse chases, bank and train robberies, and blood and brawn in a tale that got the interest of my first publisher because of the gay twist.

Wild Boys - A Peculiar Western Novel is influenced by pulp westerns referenced in the image below.

Check out the first few chapters for free by going to this link,

and entering a name and email address.

Take the journey!


Wild Boys pulp western influences!

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