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A New Hope

I am looking forward to the new year. The world is chaos and not the kind I dug when I was a youth. I used to love the fleeting moments of forgetting everything but the music in punk or metal mosh pits or even under the hard techno trance on a dance floor. The energy and vitality of living in the moment primes the life force. Over time, with age, those moments become further and further apart. Worry of many sorts takes over and stress rules. I feel the need to shake off that mindset and come back into the world, as it opens up, and truly live again. Resolutions usually fade, but I feel this time will be different with a true appreciation of all the things taking away by the pandemic. The interactive lifestyle will not happen all at once. First is a long, dark winter and hope of spring. In the in-between time, I resolve to make plans for the future and be thankful no matter how different that future may be.

Punk Fiction changes for 2021 are coming. Last summer, I made the radical decision to leave social media and do not regret it. Next, I am going to reevaluate the platforms my current books are obtainable on, some may go some may stay. Other changes will involve my books’ presentation in format, display, and future availability. I will also be changing the free component on my website to a different incentive as other changes take effect. Currently, if you subscribe to my mailing list, you get a free PDF of my short story, Under the Moonbow, and a few chapters of Wild Boys - A Peculiar Western, so check them out if you are curious of my writing style.

On a different front, the submission process continues with Rebel’s Edge - Suburbia. I will revise my submission cover letter, synopsis, and materials in the first quarter and start a new round. The same goes for Lane Bowden 1973 as I feel a timeliness of the material with the 50th anniversary of the true crimes of the Houston Mass Murders coming up in August 2023. Future-Thrill’s first draft should also be done soon. I plan on letting it sit for a while to come back to later with fresh eyes for a second round of formulation in making sure all the cyberpunk elements follow through. My first sci-fi story has organically changed since its inception and it will be fun to finesse it in the summer.

Effective immediately, my Punk Fiction Blog is reverting back to once a month, around the 13th, with a bonus Halloween blog for thirteen regular editions in 2021 with additional entries for news and new releases as necessary.

I hope the new year brings some good surprises and some kinetic living. The past year has been a time of strife and reflection. I look forward to letting it go and sharing some new works, creating new worlds, and tuning out to enjoy the music again.


United States Capital 2021


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