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A Stone's Throw (Away)

This blog is difficult to write as I am distracted with the pain of kidney stone. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain and can focus on my projects, but I have found it hard to start an update for some strange reason. So I am going to push through. Here we go:

I am deep into additions and revision on Rebel’s Edge - Suburbia. After some time has passed since the original draft, I find myself expanding quite a bit. The story is the same; it is just getting more meat on its bones. I may add a different opening scene before I am done as I am really getting into it.

I look forward to revising the next two manuscripts, Punks and Over the Edge, directly after.

Modulator, my giallo screenplay, is coming slowly, being mostly on the back burner with the other revisions going on. I like the premise of 70’s surveillance tech left behind—still workable—as a key to a mystery. And aside from the tropes of the genre (secrets, red herrings, and stylish murders), I like the killer’s modulation frequency that incites them. It is a cool thing that is unique to the tech of the story and its recorded sound predicts the murders. I will focus on this screenplay during a trip later this year.

I finished a new revision of Lane Bowden 1973 and added some true crime bits between chapters. I like the feel of it being a mix up of a 70’s gay, coming of age story and a horror thriller with a true crime backdrop. The submission process continues. Ideally, the perfect release is August 2023 on the 50th anniversary of The Houston Mass Murders, but time will tell.

Timber Tantrum is an Official Selection of the Gorst Underground! — An Exploitation and Punk Rock Festival. My co-writer, Lee Webster (R.I.P.), would be hell of proud at the acclaim our women wrestlers vs. killer tree epic has accumulated. Timber Tantrum is drive-in ready with blood, breasts, and beasts along with Ranger Rick and his one-eyed dog.

Maybe one day, someone with Troma’s sensibilities will make the screenplay into a film, even though Lloyd Kaufman (creator of The Toxic Avenger) said, “Good luck with that,” in a short reply years ago. If anyone in the industry is interested in reading it, hit me up at

October is coming fast and I look forward to Halloween Haunts at the Horror Writer’s Association. It is a month-long blog where members contribute Halloween stories. I hope to come up with something before the deadline. See their site to see past writings and check out past entries of this blog to see mine.

That is all I have for now, until I free myself of this pain and pass the stone.


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