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An algorithm is a finite sequence of steps in problem-solving in mathematics and presciently by machines as sets of rules for tasks. Computers use algorithms for searches, encryption, and advertising. The world has changed in the way data flows. In some ways it is cool, like the ability to communicate with someone across the world while in others it is uncool, like the isolation factor of artificial human contact.

Algorithms have effected my decision of leaving most of social media behind last year. I was using Facebook as a secondary author platform and it was a lot of effort for little to no impact. Post were rarely seen and ads were also ineffective. A social network that is imaginary at best is not true.

I had dipped my toes back in with Instagram, but after six weeks my hand went to the plug to pull it. I cannot get into the empty space anymore. Creativity is more important than spending so much time in the off-lit void of a computer screen.

Enough diatribe, I want to share some past creative content.

An excerpt from: Escape From Dolphin Street


The water of the bayou was warm. Jason could barely make out anything through its green torrent. His arms ached, but he pushed himself up to the surface. The current had him. The overgrown grass on the side of the banks rushed by, through it he could make out houses. It was hard to stay afloat. The pull to drag him back under was strong. Something zinged by his face splashing into the murky water. Jason swallowed some of the foul liquid and choked. Another something hit closer to him.

People were out there in the shadows taunting him with animal noises. He realized the thrown things were rocks. They were trying to stone him in the water. Another splashed, followed by another, until one hit him in the back of the head. It hurt, he knew it to be a dream, but it really hurt. A couple more rocks found his back and stung him. Amidst the turmoil, Jason realized that the animal sounds were the same ones he had heard in the foggy alley before.

I have to wake up.

He went under, seeing green, and choked again. A rock hit him square in the face followed by the bleating of a sheep. Jason could barely make out the blurry figures that were daring to come closer to the water’s edge. He held up his hands to block the next assault and went under.

Bubbles swept around him as the current pulled. He knew he was going to drown and fought for the surface. Almost to the top, something wrapped around his foot. He looked down and saw Adam under the murky water smiling at him while holding his leg. Jason gasped and broke the surface waking in his own room covered in sweat.

The nightmare had passed as had most of the night. The first light of a new day beckoned. The sheets were soaked. Jason ran a hand down his slick chest in awe.

Oh, that was freaky. I have to get out of here. And end these crazy dreams.


The year 2021 is winding down. I look forward to new things to share in the new year.


I am including some Clive Barker related pictures and one is the drawing I got a tattoo of long ago.

David Sharp cemetery

Clive Barker art for tattoo
My first tattoo in 1997 was of this Clive Barker drawing. I look at it as a guardian angel on my back and was proud to show Clive at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors in New York City in the fall of 2005.

In 2005, Clive Barker did the most amazing thing and signed my book and drew a sketch!


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