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Modulator — New Book Release

Out today: September 6th, 2022

In Digital and Print

Modulator is a new giallo book. Taking inspiration from Il Giallo Mondari (Monadari Yellow), Italian crime-mystery novels with yellow covers, I have crafted a horror murder mystery with the hook of a left-behind 70s covert listening device. My inflection point was watching a documentary about Mafia survelleince by the FBI. I researched the spy equipment of the era and a story formed of a vacationing couple discovering a covert listening device in a secluded cabin and being drawn into solving its mystery. In the tradition of the genre, I included a traumatic inciting event, red herrings, a fetishistic killer, a warped modulation noise, and some shocking twists and turns in the narrative.

David Sharp is a writer who grew up identifying with the outsider from his teenage punk years onwards. His horror works include Anarchy: Strange Tales of Outsiders, Escape from Dolphin Street, Under the Moonbow—which granted him membership in the HWA (Horror Writer’s Association)—and the Modulator.


If you hear the sound, it is too late.

On an idyllic retreat to a mountain cabin, Enola Ranson accidentally breaks a lamp and discovers a covert listening device. Persuaded by her horror writer husband, Guy, who is intrigued by the analog transmitter, they set out to solve the mystery.

Strange wiring inside the cabin, hidden recordings, a mafia past, a shady private detective, a boy witness, and an eerie modulation noise are all clues to past murders. Time is running short as an escaped lunatic is on the loose, finishing what they started and stopping anyone who knows.

Will Enola and Guy uncover the secrets of the past, or will they become the next victims?

Modulator book cover 2022


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