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Sessions is the name of one of two new writing projects I began on July 7th. I chose the date to coincide with the anniversary of my car wreck in 1990, the one that left the plate, screws, and nifty scar inside and out on my right arm. As I mentioned in the blog before, the story is in the unpublished manuscripts for my Rebel’s Edge series, which are in the submission grind. Anyway, after a long break, I am writing new material again.

Moving to Florida in March has been quite turbulent, but it has settled into a really good thing. I have really put a new focus on my health and have been lifting and working out on a regular basis. Slow at first, I have improved greatly in the past four months. My motivation is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Pump Club. The club’s emails and podcasts are definitely one of the positive corners of the internet. I have always worked out to some degree, but I would let a minor injury or mood sway me. Now I feel more in shape and healthier than I have in years by just doing something every day.

This new sense of self has brought me back to the keyboard with these two projects. The first, Sessions, I have been mulling over for quite a while. Its structure will be similar to Under the Moonbow’s, which was set in an asylum with sessions between a patient and a psychiatric doctor. Sessions will eschew the fantastic for a more contemporary tale. I am writing in a serialized format for both projects, and I am returning to the work mode I have used in the past by alternating from one to the other. I always found that method freed up something creatively. Working on past novels, I would write short stories or screenplays at the same time, and the mental break would make going back to one more vivid and fresh in ideas. It also helps when the projects are vastly different in genre.

I have dilly-dallyed with the idea of Sessions for a while, but I am going forward as it seems like when a story is challenging to write, it becomes something new. I have a structure and tone in mind. The voice is what matters, and I am curious if mine will be like the nihilistic ramblings of Rules of Attraction or Trainspotting or something completely different. The funny thing about Sessions at this time is that I am not sure if I am going to finish it or even release it at all if I do. Only time will tell. The point is probably mute since I have a backlog of unreleased manuscripts at this time. Anyway, even if it is for an audience of one, it feels good to write again.

The second project is a little wilder and will also take on a serialized approach. I will discuss it more in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, check out my past works, leave a review, and follow me on Twitter @punk_fiction70.


Max the Husky
Max the Husky

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