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Summer Changes

This summer has been a time of change. The world has settled into a new normal. I am proud to move forward with the next wave of my writing.

On September 6th, 2022, I am releasing a new book, Modulator. It is my first giallo—a horror murder mystery. The term giallo is the Italian word for yellow and was the color of lurid paperbacks from long ago. I am excited to share this book, which I have dedicated to the master of horror, Dario Argento, being a lifelong fan of his film giallos.

I am also stoked to have my first horror magazine ad in the upcoming Halloween 2022 issue of Rue Morgue!

I started my website and my first wave of books in 2017 after regaining the rights from my previous publisher. I have spent a lot of time writing since then, amassing an unpublished catalog. Future plans have enough manuscripts to release one new book a year for quite a while. Modulator is the first of the batch with another horror book, one based on a true crime, coming next year in the summer of 2023.

More details to follow in the fall.

In the process of updating the back matter of my prior books, I have taken the time to make some adjustments and changes:

In 2021, I stealthily added a new short story, The Loner, to the hardback of Anarchy - Strange Tales of Outsiders. It is now included in the paperback and ebook editions.

Loner is a dark tale of bullies and revenge. One October night, Gavin—an outsider in every way—is drawn to a cemetery to escape his tormentors. There he discovers a rift to another world and a darkness that recognizes one of its own.

While digging into the Wild Boys, I decided to clean it up and give it another time-consuming edit. The listings are the same, so to replace the old version, all that is needed is to download it again and it will refresh to the new version.

The hardback cover of Escape from Dophin Street has been updated to make it pop more. Other changes to the rest of my book covers came while I was in the throws of the aesthetics of the choice between a glossy and matte finish. The rabbitholes are many and deep when self-publishing.

All the digital editions of all my books’ interiors have been restyled, in one way or another, to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

I also have a new landing page that is simple and concise to branch out to the rest of my website. Please check out the rest of my punk fiction blog. It has quite a back catalog of posts and is a series of ephemeral looks into moments from my past writing journey.

The next wave is here, and it feels good. I have not given up the submission process, but I felt it was time for action. The best thing I can do is have a plan for the future and deal with all the twists and turns of the ride.

Thank you, readers, for taking a chance on my off-the-wall stories.


painting of David Sharp from 2006 in Arizona

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