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The Trouble with Furries is ending its run on the spring equinox next week. I am dismantling my Punk Fiction label piece by piece, basically burning it down to start something new. The problem I have encountered is that my foundation was one of learning through DIY, and it is hard to correct things once they are out in the world. I am proud of my stories; it is just that some aspects of them are a little rough, especially the oldest ones.

Furries was based on two of my earliest screenplays I wrote about the nightclub Rich’s in Houston, Texas. The old version of the club no longer exists. The tone was dark and grungy, and I needed a way in that was interesting, so when I met a furry long ago, a new story clicked into place. I intergrated an underground world of furry subculture into the 1990s gay club scene, and it worked in a really messed-up way.

Thank you to the Furry Writer’s Guild for having me as a member based on that book. The furry community is much more than the specific underground subset I explored. It is a fascinating world of anthropomorphic fiction that has roots in cosplay and anime like Thundercats. In other words, it is not like that CSI episode. Sure, that stuff exists, but it is not what defines the furry fandom.

The title was thought of in levity, being a reference to Star Trek’s The Trouble with Tribbles, the episode where small furry creatures wreak havoc on the Enterprise. It probably did not get across the idea of my book in the best way, but I thought it was funny. Yet, the thing that has never completely worked for me about Furries were the covers, one with a publisher and the two that I did myself, so it is the next book I am shelving.

I also realized a fundamental problem with the out-of-print Anarchy: Strange Tales of Outsiders was that the stories did not completely align, and the horror and gay punk tales never truly worked together. I was very bold in my naivete when I released that one!

The pieces will come apart one by one as I am going down the line to eventually delist everything this year. I am archiving all my books from my first phase; some I may revisit, and some may never return. This was not an easy choice, but the more I move forward, the more I realize that it is the right one.


Furry at Midwest FurFest 2017
Furry at Midwest FurFest 2017

Lincoln Park Zoo wolf paw statue
Lincoln Park Zoo wolf paw statue 2017



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