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Dark Lands book cover

Dark Lands is a collection of short horror stories, including:


Dolphin Street—runaways escape to a punk underworld, where there are no rules, and find a living nightmare leading to an abandoned house and the crawlspace underneath;


Death Tarp—a dying man goes beyond death to return as his shroud, a panel of the AIDS quilt, in a supernatural tale of disease and revenge;


Deadfall—a mysterious hitcher takes a ride into the wilderness with a van full of coeds, where they descend into terror beyond the limits of pleasure and pain;


Drifter—an inhuman, feral boy roams the backwoods being hunted by another;


and Dark Passage, Dark Inferno, and Dark Beyond—a wraparound tripartite in which a Goth youth and his companions invoke dark rites, using symbols and incantations, to open the gates of hell.

Dark Lands


Dark Lands 2010 cover

With the exception of Dolphin Street, all of the short stories within the out of print, first edition, of Dark Lands are available in Anarchy.

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