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Writing spaces are important. It took me a long time to set one up. Before the pandemic, I would write on the road when I traveled with work or sometimes set up a laptop on the table and just go for it in brief intervals. When I switched from a laptop to a desktop, that cemented the creation of a space. My current writing space is actually a section of the bedroom by the windows. I have to have a window, a portal to the outside, when I write. I like the dichotomy of the created image on the inside and the real world on view on the outside.

The HWA newsletter has a cool occasional column called “Where We Work.” Kathryn Ptacek is the editor, and she is one cool lady. I highly recommend checking out her books, and I have a soft spot for The Hunted.

In October 2021, I submitted some pictures of my workspace, where I create and write fiction. Since my submission seems unlikely to make it into an issue soon, I have decided to share the images below, especially, in light of moving early next year.

On the creative front, I have spent about five intense weeks in October and November taking on the herculean task of going through my three Rebel’s Edge manuscripts and doing another round of editing. The first, Suburbia, needed the least amount of work as it has been on the submission merry-go-round with potential agents and publishers. Punks needed a bit more finesse, and Over the Edge was the most dire and basically got a whole new draft. It is such a relief to have completed this project, as I have been putting it off for a long time. Now my plate is clear to get ready for the future.

I have some cool things planned for 2023 and beyond and look forward to sharing them when the time is right.

David Sharp

David Sharp writing space Fairfax, Virginia

My writing space resides in a portion of my bedroom with a proper desk and computer instead of a laptop. I am happy to finally have a true creative space. In the past, I was relegated to the dining room table when home and to wherever possible, when on the road with work, so this feels right and very next level.

David Sharp writing space Fairfax, Virginia

My inspiration is the view (always have to have a view) and some horror artifacts, including a framed Deep Red magazine signed by Dario Argento and a print of H.R. Giger’s Future-Kill film artwork.

David Sharp writing space Fairfax, Virginia

The other part of my space, besides the bed and TV, is a bookcase with some hardback edition of my writing on top, movies and stuff below, and a one sheet of The Boys Next Door signed by Maxwell Caulfield.


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